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Big size decorative fridge magnets

The “personalization” trend of fashion and interior worlds now conquers the kitchens! Since 90’s, kitchens were positioned as “the heart of the house” with their increasing functions for cooking, storing, gathering, dining and studying. Thus, more technologies, appliances, units and design ideas have been included within their maximized borders. The large and open kitchens are also in the radar of international designers who try to add new forms, functions, styles and details in their latest collections. No doubt, kitchens also became a place to mirror one’s personal taste, a home design trend that is best implied via individual additions, creative touches, different combinations and irregular choices. Made of different materials, Frideco decorative fridge magnets turn the surfaces of your fridges into your personal design fields. Everyone can create his/her own design!

Fridge Magnet Collection


Can be designed & produced in line with customer demands Frideco big-size decorative fridge magnets are a trademark of Tork Agency and patented worldwide. The design alternatives can be numerous according to personal tastes and customer demands. • Originally created as an innovative outcome of a diligent R&D process. • Flexible for tailor-made production that fits specific client demands and offers a rich variety through altering designs, sizes and printing techniques (offset, metallic, flock, scented.) Home

Brings your favorites in your kitchen!

With these giant magnets created for the first time in the world, you can pin the image of your favorite scene, image, quote, pattern or design elements in the heart of your home. A lovely dog on your fridge makes you smile every morning. Your children can find a proper place to put their favorite heros and characters. You can choose messages to celebrate special days. Frideco decorative fridge magnets can add design, give a message, make fun and become a means of play area. When bored, you can remove and replace them easily without damaging your fridge’s surface.


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