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Frideco: Created by Freedom.

Prominent decoration and design moguls of the global axis have been focusing on one word in recent years: Personalization.

Revealing the ability of the individual to shape the place he lives in with the codes of their own imagination, inspiration, passions, habits and footprints is perhaps one of the most important discoveries of the last two decades. The spirit of being personal is such an adventure that even if you live in the same buildings, behind closed doors lies freedom leading to completely different souls.....
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Frideco: Created by Freedom.

Now, a new perspective of freedom begins. It looks at freedom from a spot that never comes to mind, yet is at the center of everyone's life. It turns an untouched point of personalization into a core. Now come face to face with your fridges. You can let them know that they are at the verge of a new era with Frideco.

Frideco is a creative magnet brand that functions as a personalisation tool giving identity to indispensable fridges by reflecting the soul of its owner.

With its vibrant colors and metallic reflections, Frideco magnet collection is a highly innovative, chic, prestigious and functional product group just like the technological language of the fridges in the global world.

Frideco products represents the prior values of the new world products. Prepared in large sizes and with special graphic works in a contemporary style, Frideco magnet collection combines high-end aestetics with durability.


Frideco magnet collection is an essential complement to a quality and priviledged lifestyle with its special lightings, velvet back and unique softness.

Frideco is a new generation language of gastromy, a rapidly rising culture in the world agenda that makes the kitchen the focal point of modern life with all its accessories and devices.

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