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Frideco is the one bringing happiness. It is a magnet design that gives warmth and identity to the cold surface of refrigerator and all kinds of magnetic fields; carrying a lot of emotion to the environment in which it is used and claiming not to leave its place to anything else easily after started to be used. It reflects the world, style and perspective of user by giving refrigerators an identity. Although it is possible to call it ‘refrigerator magnet’ with respect to its category, indeed, it is an object of design, emotion and happiness that is far beyond a magnet.

Refrigerator covers that can be used as an alternative to a large size magnet are available in our country and around the world. But the products in question are in the form of sticker; they cannot be reused when removed. The most important feature of frideco magnet, which is unique in the world and Turkey, is that magnet is produced in large size with a special cut and put-take logic. Frideco is a design product that, like the magnets we all have in our homes, can be removed at any time and used infinitely. The back surface of some designs of Frideco oversized magnets is similar to known magnets, while the back surface of some is covered with a velvet-like flock material.

Frideco magnets sent as rolls in the protection tube should be hung in place after kept for 10 seconds by rolling in the opposite direction after taken out from the protection tube. The magnet property of the product is activated after wrapped in the opposite direction. This is a feature of Frideco magnets.

It is sufficient to clean the Frideco magnets with a damp cloth. Frideco designs that are actively involved in everyday life, such as American service, can also be dried by wiping with a damp cloth. Putting it directly under water can damage designs.
Frideco designs do not differ from known magnets in this sense; they can be removed at any time, just like small magnets. It is removed without and trace or dirt. Depending on its claim and the comments of users, it can be said that a frideco must only be removed by owner only to be replaced by another frideco design.
No. Frideco can be used on any magnetic surface; for example, wide hood surfaces, freezer, washing machine side areas, dryer, dishwasher, flat heating honeycombs and in such different magnet areas.
Frideco magnets are limited only to the brand's designs. No personalized photos or custom-made designs are produced. But a high number of special designs can be made for institutions - brands.
Yes. Frideco magnets will continue to include new designs in its collection. On the other hand, Fridecos continue to be designed for special occasions celebrated all over the world, such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, Valentine's Day.
Frideco, which came up with the idea of an oversized decorative magnet and thus earned the title of ‘innovative’, is a unique object designed and produced in Turkey. It is a registered trademark of TORK Creative, a creative agency headquartered in Istanbul.
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